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Many of us have already felt increased pressure as art teachers—a spectrum of experiences ranging from the uneasy feeling of being surveilled, to a sense of self-censorship in the classroom, feeling pressure to perform a certain way in a teaching position, experiencing emboldened forms of racism and sexism, receiving actual disciplinary threats due to classroom work or political engagement, or episodes of outright violence on campus. The facts and feelings that accompany our emergent situation vividly portray the sense of crisis, confusion and fear under which we are currently operating. We began to realize that we need to chronicle our evolving political situation and safely share these experiences. We believe that an archive of these incidents will paint a clear and intimate picture not only of what is happening politically, but how it is being enacted daily.

Art Profs America invites adjuncts, TA’s, faculty, administrators and others in the teaching community to anonymously contribute your stories to this project –anything from a single sentence to a longer description of a specific event or conflict, any kind of story you feel will contribute to a fuller understanding of what is going on in classrooms, studios and on campuses across the country. This is a way for us to reach out and connect to all our colleagues. Please feel free to share your story in whatever form, length or depth you wish.

A note about privacy: We appreciate the potentially sensitive nature of your contribution. All contributors will be anonymous, and the entirety of the Story Collection Project will only be available to APA members, NOT to the public.

To access stories from this project click on the Story Archives in the Story Collection Page on the website. Please note, you need to be an APA member to access this content. To join, follow this link:

This initiative is not affiliated with law enforcement, and we will not report anything we receive to the police. If you believe that you or your students are the victim of a crime please contact your local law enforcement directly.

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