Utopia School

Utopia School


Utopia School is an ongoing project that shares information about both failed and successful utopian projects and work towards new ones. For us, utopias are those spaces and initiatives that re-imagine the world in some crucial way. The school engages and connects people through urgent conversations, with the goal of exploring, archiving and distributing collective knowledge throughout this multi-city project. Over time, we will create a comprehensive open curricula on utopian thought and practice. Some examples of what we will be studying include physical places, relationship dynamics, systems of organizing, political contexts, common roadblocks, and the methods used to create and sustain these projects.


UtopiaSchool.org is not an online “social network” – it’s a set of tools for our growing utopian learning community. The tools help us – across neighborhoods or continents – to imagine together what a school based on utopian thought and practice could look like; to see how others have envisioned it; to propose our own and co-develop new class ideas together; and to meet in real life as often as possible (and remotely when we can’t) to experiment with those proposals.


A group of classes in a specific place, over a set period of time.


We call all open explorations “classes” (these can be workshops, field trips, screenings, exercises, games, etc).

Anyone can propose a class, and the person who proposes the class can update it over time with input from other interested people through the class comments. See our FAQ page for detailed instructions.