The Ventriloquist Summer School (Oslo)

16Mar - by mh - 0 - In Alternative Art Programs

The Ventriloquist Summer School 

The second edition of The Ventriloquist Summer school will look into the role of illusion as a way of being, working and generating knowledge. How does illusion take part in the constructs we build for ourselves and for the other? What’s involved in accepting, rejecting, validating and iterating such constructs and how do we use them to project and deal with what’s in front and ahead of us?

This year the Ventriloquist Summer school is taking place at the gallery 1857 in the Grønland area of Oslo. The whole gallery area, which is made up of a former lumberyard, will be at the disposal of the summer school. In addition, of course, to the city itself.

The summer school is open for anyone of any age, studying or working within design, the arts and all other creative fields. Applications are welcomed from all over the world – both from students and professionals. We especially encourage those with an interest in exploring the illusions of constructs to apply. Luckily, we can invite people to attend, free of charge.