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The GOP tax bill would raise taxes on graduate students by nearly 400%. Graduate students serve our communities; we are the future of the arts, social justice, public policy, technological innovation and scientific breakthroughs. With your help, we can keep graduate education affordable and inclusive. 

Fight the #gradtax: The tax bill passed by the House of Representatives threatens to devastate graduate education by reclassifying tuition waivers as taxable income–a move that, if it becomes law, would result in an untenable financial burden for many graduate students. The Senate is pushing to pass its version of a tax plan, possibly as soon as this week, and grad students and supporters across the country are uniting in a walkout tomorrow to urge Senators to fight these provisions.
Please Call 855-980-2350 to be patched through to your senator; tell them you oppose taxing tuition waivers for grad students.
And Please participate in the walkout tomorrow!